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New Camera

Dear kiddos

Mummy had bought herself a camera.. now i can always capture ur happy and sad moments :)

Cranky Moments

Cranky Moments

Happy Moments :)

(Guess... Aengus or Ainsley?

Mother's LOVE

preparing for our lessons

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he is really growing up..

wow! I must record this down.

This morning, Ainsley said, "I want apple" and "I dun want"

he knows how to use words that he had learned to construct a sentence already! thats fast :)

Aengus Backside is getting better.. but mummy realise that when i drink alot of soyamilk, u tend to have alot of phlegm. Erm... i think i will avoid that for a time being..

Hope Gabriel will be able to enjoy the "enrichment program: SuperKids from Adam Khoo Learning School" that i had signed up for u as we are exhausted with all the ideas on u. http://www.akltg.com/skiag.php

More photos to share.. last week we are at Sentosa :)



New updates :)

haizz... mummy had not update this blog for long time liao.. now want to upload some photos to share

see me and my new toy! but sand is a no no for him :(

Does me and my little brother look alike?

Home made material for our team lesson 1

very resourceful mommies!!! :)

Lesson will starts next Monday .. Hurray!!!

Ouch!! pain pain..

Teething! O dear!.. pain pain.. sob sob.. Ainsley refused to have his dinner today again :( gums are swollen

Cranky as per usual.. but you seems to enjoy your sushi alot today :)

Please forgive mummy cos she had forgotten to bring the camera along today AGAIN!?  therefore no pictures of Ainsley enjoying sushi for the first time... but dun worry mummy had asked daddy to buy me a camera phone, so mummy will never forget to bring camera out again! :)

Aengus sleeping the whole afternoon today?! O no.. today is another sleepness night again?!

blogging again??!

aiyo.. i tot i had stopped months ago and now had to start again...  i feel lost!